Geoff and Kelly Schorr are grateful to be part of the Highland Park community. Kelly, originally from Dallas, went to St. Thomas Aquinas before attending high school at Bishop Lynch. Geoff grew up in Rockwall. After becoming a little bit of a troublemaker in middle-school, his parents decided to enroll him in a high-school where he would receive more structure and discipline, and so he was enrolled at Bishop Lynch. On September 30, 1983, his first week of high-school, Geoff was introduced to Kelly by a mutual friend in the Bishop Lynch cafeteria. Geoff and Kelly formed a strong relationship and became best friends. Geoff says he always knew he wanted to be more than just friends and recalls how they became a couple:
“On May 6, 1984, for her sweet sixteenth birthday, I took her on our very first date. We went to Houlihan’s Restaurant and then to see the movie Romancing the Stone at North Park. During the movie, we sat close and held hands for the first time. The lights were dim and there were not many people around. Near the end of the movie, after building up enough courage, I gently squeezed her hand, leaned closer to her, and with butterflies in my stomach, I kissed her for the very first time, and we became high-school sweethearts.
After graduation from Bishop Lynch, Kelly attended the University of Texas at Austin where she obtained her degree in education. She returned to Dallas in the early 1990s and began her career teaching kindergarten and first grade. By the time Kelly returned to Dallas, she and Geoff had parted ways. Geoff owned and operated a restaurant in Rockwall. Not having seen Kelly in almost five years, Geoff sent a gift certificate for his restaurant to Kelly’s parents’ home on her birthday in the hopes it would reach her. Several weeks later as he was walking through the restaurant, he spotted Kelly with a group of her friends. Geoff and Kelly had found their way back to each other and Geoff didn’t wait long to slap a ring on her finger. They started dating again and were engaged nine months later and married a year after that.

After marrying in Dallas at St. Thomas Aquinas, the couple traveled to Orlando where they visited Disney World before spending time at Ana Marie Island. It was on the way home that Geoff decided he wanted to attend law school, and he pursued studies at Texas A&M University School of Law, formerly Texas Wesleyan University. During law school, Geoff and Kelly started their family and were the proud parents of their first-born child, Porter. The young family lived in a small one-bathroom home in Lakewood. Geoff graduated from law school in December of 2000 and took the February bar which he passed and was licensed in May of 2001. After the experience of owning his own restaurant, Geoff knew he didn’t want to work for anyone. As soon as he received his bar results, he opened Schorr Law Firm in the living room of their Lakewood home.
Porter was born with special needs and a heart defect. He had open heart surgery while Geoff was in law school. As Porter approached school age, Geoff and Kelly began trying to find a school that would be a good fit for Porter’s needs. After researching and visiting numerous schools without finding a good match, the couple decided to move to Highland Park and give HPISD a try. They purchased their first of three Highland Park homes on Mockingbird near the Village. Porter attended Hyer Elementary School. Being so close to the Village, the Schorrs frequented Mi Cocina. On one occasion, while waiting for their table, Geoff went to the bar and ordered a couple margaritas. Geoff remembers when he got the tab for the drinks thinking how expensive the margaritas were, but quickly realized the cost was reasonable because the margaritas were extremely tasty and highly potent. After consuming a few, Geoff and Kelly think they walked or crawled home that night but they’re not sure. In any event, about nine-months later Geoff and Kelly welcomed their second son, Emerson, in September of 2005.
In February 2006, Porter had to undergo a day procedure for his heart. During the procedure, his heart stopped, and he was placed on life support. After several setbacks Kelly and Geoff agreed with the doctors to remove Porter from life-support and he passed at the age of seven on February 24, 2006. Thankfully for Geoff and Kelly, God had given them Emerson and the two were able to focus their attention on raising and taking care of him which seemed to help them cope with the loss of Porter. Shortly after Porter’s passing, the Schorrs moved to their second home on Belcaire. Eventually Emerson was enrolled at Bradfield and finished his elementary school at Armstrong.
When Kelly retired in 2008, she joined Geoff at the law firm. “She takes care of the financial side,” explained Geoff. “It works out perfect.” Kelly laughed, “He’s only fired me two times!” Geoff replied, “Yeah but I’ve hired you three times, more than I’ve hired anyone else.”
In addition to helping out in the office, Kelly is also involved in several local organizations such as Park Cities Learning Disability Association (PCLDA), Special Ed Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC). Kelly recently began work for the American Heart Association after being nominated for Women of Impact. “In August 2021, I had a heart attack,” shared Kelly. “I didn’t know that’s what was happening and didn’t seek treatment right away. My hope is to raise awareness so that other people will get appropriate care.”
Geoff Kelly, and Emerson live on St. John’s. Today they honor Porter’s memory by celebrating him on his birthday. “We offer to the 18+ class to do whatever they want, usually a field trip, to celebrate Porter,” shared Kelly. Emerson attends Highland Park High School where he participates in the Spirited Scots cheer team. “The high school is great,” shared Geoff. “They really take care of the kids.”
Almost 23 years later, Schorr Law Firm continues to grow. Today the firm averages representing 700-900 active clients and has represented thousands of Texas families through the years. Geoff represents those who have been injured or who have lost loved ones because of the wrong acts of other individuals or companies. Geoff is on the board of the Texas Trial Lawyer’s Association and believes that being a Texas trial lawyer has been his professional calling. Geoff believes that using our civil justice system to hold accountable those who take quality of life from his clients by securing proper and just compensation is righteous. Schorr Law Firm also provides legal representation for matters involving family law, guardianship, probate and estate planning.
Though work and family life keep them busy, the Schorrs love to take trips when they can. Vacations to Galveston happen yearly, and Emerson loves the beach and heated pools there. They also enjoy traveling to San Antonio to La Cantera. “After Porter passed away, we decided we needed to get away for a bit,” said Geoff. “We checked in to the resort and a few moments later, there was a knock on the door. Someone that knew a friend of mine was aware that our son had just passed away and said, ‘We’re going to put you all up in a special, private casita’. We have been going there since. We also travel to Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park created by a father for his special needs daughter. After realizing that she couldn’t interact well with other kids, he built a park that is ultra-accessible to children with all disabilities. It’s a very special place.” In addition to family trips, Kelly and Geoff plan a night away as a couple. “Last year, we went to the Ritz,” shared Kelly. “They took really good care of us, and we had an amazing suite. This year, I think we are going to the Adolphus.”
After moving to Highland Park for the phenomenal school district, the Schorrs have no plans to leave. “Highland Park is an amazing place to live,” they said. “It feels like home, and we are happy to be here!”
They truly are each other’s person, and reminiscing about their first date on her sixteenth birthday and their first kiss Geoff explains, “Today, nearly 40 years later, we celebrate her birthday as husband and wife. I love taking her on dates and holding her hand, and I still get butterflies every time we kiss.”