Elliott and Lisa Burdette’s story is filled with rich experiences and a strong connection. Lisa’s roots in Cartersville and Newnan, Georgia, where her father owned 200 acres and nurtured longhorn cattle, pear trees, grapevines, and crops, gave her a close connection to the land and a love for nature. Her mother, Pat Burton, is 87 and still resides in Sharpsburg, Georgia where you can often find her making wonderful peach preserves. Previously married and widowed, Lisa has six children. With four of them already living in Texas, she made the decision to move to Texas as well. Elliott and Lisa have seven children in their blended family. Elliott’s daughter, Claire, attended Bradfield and graduated from HPHS in 2011. She is married to John Sager and both are attorneys and, along with Elliott are all SMU Law grads , with Claire graduating Magna Cum Laude. They have a son, Dutch, and are expecting another child soon. Lisa’s children are: Jim, an attorney and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and his wife, Huamin, an accountant, their daughter Maria, with another baby on the way; Sam, an attorney and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and his wife, Dr. Jenna Long, DVM, have two sons, Quince and William; Charles is a graduate of West Point Military Academy and is a resident in Oral and Maxilofacial surgery and his wife, Racheal, will soon begin studies to become an Orthodontist, and are expecting their first child; John, a graduate of West Point academy and his wife, Chloe, have two daughters, Alice and Margot; Lainie, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and studying law, is married to Luke Hoffer, a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy.

They have two children, Lila and Lincoln; Lindy is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and her husband, Tyler Jones, are both Captains in the U.S. Air Force and are stationed in Abilene. They have two sons, Jett and Dash. Elliott’s background, originating from western Pennsylvania and his family’s move to Texas, highlights his father’s determination to provide a better future for his children. “My father had a general store in Pennsylvania, but the economy there wasn’t strong at that time,” shared Elliott. “He realized that with six kids, he needed a location with a better future. He and a friend packed up and traveled by car for six months looking for a new place to call home. They visited California, Florida, and Texas, ultimately deciding on The Lone Star State due to the friendliness he experienced while visiting.” They moved just before Elliott’s 4th grade year, and he still remembers the heat. Elliott’s educational journey began at Kimball High School. After graduating, he attended the University of Texas at Austin. “I later talked my dad into attending the American University in Paris, an international liberal arts school,” explained Elliott. “I went for a year and met people from all over the world.” This opportunity furthered his global perspective and his belief in the value of a liberal arts education. He reconnected with an AUP alumni group 10 years ago and was later invited to join the Board of Trustees. “This is an important part of my life,” said Elliott. “I believe in a global liberal arts education and the dedication of AUP to consistently enrolling a diverse group of students from over 100 countries.” Meeting through a friend and sharing their first date at Al Biernat’s marked the beginning of a special journey for Elliott and Lisa. The instant connection they felt during their initial conversations and their recent two-year anniversary celebration speak volumes about the depth of their bond. Their shared love for travel has taken them to diverse places, including the romantic streets of Paris and the Périgord region of France for their honeymoon, a thrilling safari in Tanzania and Kenya, and explorations in Cape Cod, California, and plans for Israel this fall. It’s clear that Lisa and Elliott’s love for travel and new experiences is a testament to their adventurous spirits. The Burdettes stay busy in the community from work to recreational activities. Professionally, Elliott’s impressive 42-year career in law, particularly at Glast, Phillips, and Murray Law Firm, reflects his dedication to safeguarding people’s legacies and ensuring beneficiaries receive their rightful inheritance. Lisa, the founder of The Dallas School of Etiquette, graduated from Auburn University where she earned a degree in Education. She has a

passion for helping youth and young adults develop the social, leadership, and communication skills needed to succeed through all aspects of their lives. She was also recently hired as an Education Instructional Assistant at Bradfield Elementary. When they are not busy with their careers, you can find them at Royal Oaks playing pickleball or attending church at St. Michael’s

Episcopal Church where Lisa also serves at the St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange and teaches Sunday School. Lisa’s underlying belief that a family thrives when centered around God exemplifies their strong values and their aspiration to inspire others to have the same relationship. Their appreciation for the blessings in their lives, from St. Michaels to the people they serve and the friendships they cherish, illustrates their gratitude and positivity. Overall, Lisa and Elliott’s story is one of shared values, mutual respect, and a zest for life. Their journey through various experiences, both challenging and exhilarating, has fortified their connection and provided them with a foundation upon which to build a remarkable life together. This is a couple who not only appreciates their own journey but also strives to uplift those around them through their actions and beliefs.