About Us

La Fiesta began in the Texas Sesquicentennial year of 1986 with the original purpose of preserving and moving the oldest house in Highland Park. Originally known as the “Save the House Committee” and functioning under the Dallas Historical Preservation League, the La Fiesta Committee has now evolved into a community wide organization which annually coordinates the La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas Gala and other associated events to raise money for various Park Cities charities.

La Fiesta is a week-long celebration in late May or early June, culminating in the La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas Gala, a formal dinner and presentation honoring the Duchesses and Escorts from the Park Cities. These young people are presented as part of a pageant representing the history of the Six Flags of Texas and the Park Cities.

Our History

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, “The Park Cities Festival Meeting Community Needs”, was founded in 1986 to provide for educational, charitable, and civic needs by receiving, investing, and disbursing funds to carry out the preservation and/or development of cultural and historic attributes of the Town of Highland Park and the City of University Park, and to promote neighborhood spirit by observing special events designed to celebrate traditions, bring citizens together, and honor young people, thereby recognizing the unique heritage of the community.

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas was founded during the 1986 Sesquicentennial. It originated as a benefit to save the oldest house in Highland Park from demolition by moving it to Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park, owned and maintained by the Dallas County Heritage Society. The “Save the House Committee” had coordinated efforts of school children, civic officials, families and businesses rallying to preserve the historic home. On the eve of the state’s 150th birthday, there was a budget shortfall. Following a meeting with the state Sesquicentennial officials, the three founders, Lindalyn Adams, Jennie Reeves, and Pierce Allman, conceived a community-wide fund raising celebration based on Texas historical tradition, which accurately represented the heritage of the Park Cities.

The first La Fiesta was held in Highland Park Village and set a perfect example for giving back to the community. Six Duchesses representing families of Highland Park and University Park were presented in historically accurate costumes representing the six flags of Texas. Response was enthusiastic, as Park Cities citizens who had served every good cause in Dallas realized it was the right time to serve their own community, a community that had saved a piece of its past in order to focus on the future.

La Fiesta is a non-profit organization supporting various community beneficiaries and providing ongoing maintenance for the Park Cities Heritage House located at Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. The Allocations Committee, with representatives from both municipalities, considers applications for projects within the Park Cities of an educational, charitable, and civic nature. Since 1986 over $9,400,000 has been returned to our community.