Baylor grads Richard and Jennifer Dix met through a mutual friend during college. Richard had already graduated but moved back to Waco while Jennifer finished school. They dated for three years before marrying. The couple have two children, Nate and Gracie, as well as four fur-members of the family – a 14-year-old maltipoo, Snowball; a goldendoodle, Sandy; a goldendoodle puppy, Lily; and a rescue cat, Ruthie.

Richard, with a degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, has founded and sold numerous companies. He currently builds home for rent or sale under the Ameritex Homes brand. “He should really write a book for people wanting to start their own business,” said Jennifer. “Richard is an inspiration. He is such a hard worker, he’s very talented, and he has great vision.”

At Baylor, Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis in special education. She then obtained a dual master’s degree in special education and gifted and talented education, before moving on to receive her PhD in special education from the University of Texas. “Both of our children learn differently, and I feel that God gave me a lot of great tools for their needs,” she shared. Nate is a graduate of St. Marks School of Texas, and Gracie graduated from Shelton, a world-renowned school for children who learn differently. Giving back, Jennifer is a long-time volunteer and fundraiser for Shelton, and currently serves on their Board.

Both Dix children have achieved amazing accomplishments already in their lives. Gracie, age 20, currently attends Austin College. She is a published author with two books under her belt and another book in progress. She wrote her first book, Welcome to Superhero School, when she was still in high school and later completed the prequel, Journey to Superhero School, which have achieved Amazon #1 New Release in Children’s Superhero Action & Adventure and Amazon #1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Action & Adventure, respectively. Nate, age 23, has always had a mind for complex math. After graduating with a dual major in Computer Science and Finance from the University of Richmond, he pursued a career at ISN where he works as a Data Analyst.

Recently, both Gracie and Nate participated in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Presentation Ball with Gracie as a Debutante and Nate as an Honor Guard. “This was a great experience,” shared Jennifer. “It was an impressive event, and also so beautiful with all the girls in their gowns. Richard and I were blown away by their poise.” As a debutante, Gracie could think of no one else she would rather have escort her than her brother. “It was really special for me as a mom,” said Jennifer. “They participated in events together all year long. The DSOL does an exceptional job. Everything was so organized and impactful. It brought Gracie so much joy to do this with her brother Nate. She admires him so much.”

The Dix family stays involved in the Park Cities community and both Jennifer and Richard are community focused. Jennifer is involved with the Salvation Army of North Texas, where she is President of the Women’s Auxiliary, and is also an active member of the Crystal Charity Ball. In addition to participating in events with Jennifer, Richard is a member of the Baylor Foundation Board. When they are not serving the community, they both enjoy traveling and reading. Jennifer also enjoys tennis but admits she’s not the best at it. “I really love tennis, but I’m just so bad at it,” she laughed. “It really is my favorite thing to do just for me. I’m a multitasker and like to have a lot of things going on, but there is nothing else I do that requires me to be singularly focused on just one thing. I know that if I don’t focus on that little yellow ball, I’m not going to hit it. I’m going to miss it if I’m thinking about an email or how I need to go to the grocery store.” For Richard, golf is a favorite pastime, but Jennifer says, “Because he’s a great husband, he also plays tennis with me!”

Not many people can say that they have been to the Arctic Circle, but for the Dix family, this boat adventure is one of their most memorable travel destinations to date. On board with National Geographic scientists and photographers, the family had the opportunity to experience nature in one of the most remote parts of the world. “It was an amazing experience,” shared Jennifer. “We saw polar bears, glaciers, and stunning icebergs with so many beautiful shades of blue. The boat pulled up through the ice until we were embedded in the polar ice cap. Then it backed up 100 yards, and our entire family put on our swimsuits to participate in the polar plunge. The water was 28 degrees, which was crazy!” This was also a fun opportunity for Nate, an amateur photographer, to learn from the photographers on board and capture some exceptional images from their trip.

With no major upcoming vacation plans, Jennifer and Richard say they will continue to enjoy all that the Park Cities has to offer. “We love to go to Highland Park Village and the beautiful parks in the area,” they shared. “It’s pretty idyllic here, and we love our neighbors and community. It was a very easy decision to raise our family here!”